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Selected Press
❦ "NFTs Are Not the Art Revolution You’ve Been Waiting For," Alice Bucknell, Elephant.
❦ "Building virtual worlds: video games and autobiographical architecture," Rob Gallagher, The Architectural Review.
❦ "Cassie McQuater: HALO," Gemma Fantacci, Milan Machinima Festival, VRAL.
❦ “First Look: Cassie McQuater’s ‘Black Room,’” Michael Connor, Rhizome.
❦ “Cassie McQuater at TRANSFER,” Matt Stromberg, Contemporary Art Review LA (Carla).
❦ “Road to the IGF: Cassie McQuater’s Black Room,” Joel Couture, Gamasutra.
❦ Conversation with a friend about folklore, myths and fairy tales in video games.
❦ "A Game Takes You Into Deep Dreaming," Andrew Klein, Hyperallergic.
❦ "Cassie McQuater: The textures and tensions of game design," Jamin Warren, KILLSCREEN.
Selected Shows
✦ "Future Bodies," Upstream Gallery, Aug. 2022
✦ "Radical Gaming," HeK Basel, Sept. 2021
✦ “The Garden of Earthly Delights,” Colección SOLO, Madrid, Oct 2021.
✦ Love Birds, Night Birds, Devil-Birds," MIRA.MOV, Nov. 2021
✦ “Echo,” Upstream Gallery, online, 2020.
✦ “Pieces of Me” TRANSFER Gallery, online, 2020.
✦ “Black Room,” part of First Look: New Art Online, New Museum, online, 2019.
✦ “Black Room,” TRANSFER Gallery, Solo Show. LA, CA, 2019.
✦ “Black Room,” Babycastles Gallery, NYC, NY, 2018.
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