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Black Room

Browser-based video game, 2017 (+ongoing)

Black Room is a browser-based, narrative game about an insomniac falling asleep on their computer, on the internet. It’s meant to be played late at night. Progression through the game happens by resizing the browser it’s played in—which transforms the browser into a controller. Only through making the browser very small or oddly elongated can hidden secrets and doors to other rooms be found. The url is a string of 28+ random letters, an unmemorable URL. This requires it to be passed from person to person, copied and pasted directly, like an intimate secret. A feminist dungeon crawler that features a cast of vintage video game sprites, ripped directly from their arcade/console cards, Black Room seeks to bring them together to form new, resilient narratives.

Play Black Roomhttp://hgjfkdhskjdgturrgehdsbjkfhdsjkahturaytklfdjjfjfff.net/blackroom.html

Read more here → cass.itch.io/blackroom

Watch the trailers for Black Room →here and →here