Beauty and the Beastsomethis was actually pretty fun! lots of chandeliersmy hacked SNES Classic
Beethoven - The Ultimate Canine Caper!somei think this is a prototype? idk - Brendan was really good at it but he doesn't remembermy hacked SNES Classic
Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moonsomeit's sailor moonmy hacked SNES Classic
Brain Lordsometrying to remember why i stopped playing this one. i might have played it all? i should pick it up again!my hacked SNES Classic
Bram Stoker's Draculasomei think this was a prototype? I played it for the large, pretty sprites and because of the inclusion of bram stoker in the titlemy hacked SNES Classic
Breath of Fire IIalli love this game! beautiful sprites, a nice story, great world to explore, i love nina!my hacked SNES Classic
Castlevania - Dracula Xsomecastlevania games have the best sprites. i find them really hard though! i think because i haven't been able to master to back dash move. the voice acting in this one, as in most of them, is ... unmatched, lolmy hacked SNES Classic
Chester Cheetah - Wild Wild Questsomeit's a game about cheetosmy hacked SNES Classic
Chrono Triggerallclassic, perfect, best gamemy hacked SNES Classic
Cool Spotsomethe 7-up mascot? some of the animations are actually pretty nicely donemy hacked SNES Classic
Darius Twinsomemore beautiful sprites, really hard arcade style play (for me, anyways)my hacked SNES Classic
Demon's Crestsomeit looks beautiful, but the version i had was super buggymy hacked SNES Classic
Donkey Kong Country 2 - Diddy's Kong Questallyeah girlmy hacked SNES Classic
EarthBoundmosta cute game, but not really for me. i know that's a hot opinion my hacked SNES Classic
F-Zerosomevroommy hacked SNES Classic
Final Fantasy IIIallbest FF gamemy hacked SNES Classic
Final Fantasy IValli love this game. bonus for red wingsmy hacked SNES Classic
Final Fantasy Mystic Questsomea cute game, not as flushed out as most FF titlesmy hacked SNES Classic
Final Fantasy Vallbuttz!my hacked SNES Classic
Gemfiresomereally hard to navigate my hacked SNES Classic
Gradius IIIsomemore beautiful bug robotsmy hacked SNES Classic
Illusion of Gaiaalla favoritemy hacked SNES Classic
Jeopardy! - Deluxe Editionsomewhat can i say? it's jeopardymy hacked SNES Classic
Jurassic Park II - The Chaos Continuessomethis may be a prototype? i recall it had really weird fake isometric style and the dinos were just way too hardmy hacked SNES Classic
Krusty's Super Fun Housealla childhood favoritemy hacked SNES Classic
Legend of Legaiahalfthis one is really fun! i should finish it. my hacked SNES Classic
Lemmingsmosti got really into lemmings my hacked SNES Classic
Light Crusaderalli played this game bc i loved the almost isometric graphics. it's a puzzle heavy game with some very limited character dialogues and NPCs. i did really enjoy it tho!my hacked SNES Classic
Live a Livesomei couldn't find an english translation, but i really do want to play all of thismy hacked SNES Classic
Lufia & The Fortress of Doomsomei only ever started this game. should probably play it since i liked II so muchmy hacked SNES Classic
Lufia II - Rise of the Sinistralsallthis game made me cry. a favoritemy hacked SNES Classic
Lunar Eternal Blue somei couldn't emulate it well on my little snes. i'll pick it up againmy hacked SNES Classic
Ms. Pac-MansomeDuhmy hacked SNES Classic
New Horizonssomethis one was hardmy hacked SNES Classic
Ogre Battle - The March of the Black QueenallI LOVE THIS GAME. it's so (seemingly) boring, but it was so relaxing to arrange my unitsmy hacked SNES Classic
Phantasy Star II somecute gamemy hacked SNES Classic
Phantasy Star III - Generations of Doomsomei played this because i loved IV. it's a very slow and quite boring game, but charming. i couldn't play too much of it thoughmy hacked SNES Classic
Phantasy Star IVallanother classic. tons of fun. i love rikamy hacked SNES Classic
Pirates of Dark Watersomeplayed this because i used to watch this show on tv as a kid. Brendan and I had fun with two player, but he got bored. my hacked SNES Classic
Romancing Sa-Gasomei really like this series. it's pretty much impossible to play most of them as they are really old and buggy, and also not too many english translations. i think they are beautiful time capsulesmy hacked SNES Classic
Romancing Sa-Ga 2somei couldn't get an english translation to work, and eventually got frustrated. i really want to play this!my hacked SNES Classic
Secret of Manaallbest game evermy hacked SNES Classic
Seiken Densetsu 3allof course. played with Brendan. huge sprites, beautiful storymy hacked SNES Classic
sid meier's civilizationsomehard to play with a snes controllermy hacked SNES Classic
SimAntsomeBrendan loved this game when he was a kid. seems cool. it's like sim city but with... antsmy hacked SNES Classic
Soul BlazerallI loved it. The way the houses and villages and landscapes appear as you collect and talk to the different people - i find that mechanic really hacked SNES Classic
Star Trek - Deep Space Nine - Crossroads of Timesomefun to mess around with and almost impossible to playmy hacked SNES Classic
Star Trek - The Next Generation - Future's Pastsomesame as abovemy hacked SNES Classic
Suikoden IIallanother classic. run your own castle!my hacked SNES Classic
Sunset Riderssomei'm not hacked SNES Classic
Super Bomberman 2somefun as a two player. not super interesting to memy hacked SNES Classic
Super Caesars Palacesomethis made me laugh. i loved walking around the casinomy hacked SNES Classic
Super Ghouls'n Ghostssomethis was really hard!my hacked SNES Classic
Super R-Typesomemore beautiful pixel space buggiesmy hacked SNES Classic
Super Star Wars - Return of the Jedisomei actually need to play more of this gamemy hacked SNES Classic
Tactics Ogre - Let Us Cling Togetheralmost allgetting a PSP ASAP so i can play the real thingmy hacked SNES Classic
Terranigmaallfavorite video gamemy hacked SNES Classic
The legend of Zelda: Link to the Pastallmy favorite (or at least, most returned to) zelda gamemy hacked SNES Classic
The Lion Kingallthe version i had was buggy, but another childhood favorite. love those hipposmy hacked SNES Classic
The Masksometwistedmy hacked SNES Classic
Timecopsomewhat?my hacked SNES Classic
Uncharted WaterssomeSail the High Seas!my hacked SNES Classic
WeaponLordsomeI played this to see the weird character animations in action, as i thought i wanted to use one of them for a new sprite work. it's a weird fighting game, i liked it (kind of)my hacked SNES Classic
Wheel of Fortune - Deluxe Editionsomelolmy hacked SNES Classic
Where in Time Is Carmen Sandiegosomegottamy hacked SNES Classic
Wild Armsallone of my favorites. my hacked SNES Classic
Wild Gunssomeplayed for annie. it was hardmy hacked SNES Classic
Wizardry V - Heart of the Maelstromsomeoh man i love this stuffmy hacked SNES Classic
Yoshis Islandhalfso cutemy hacked SNES Classic
Zombies Ate My Neighborssomea classicmy hacked SNES Classic
Baldur's Gate II - Enhanced Editionalli love this game. this time i played a dual wielding rogue, if i recallPC
Divinity Original Sin 2allthis was honestly one of the best games i've played in awhile. i just really enjoyed it. it made me laugh! and some of the environmental battle effects are really unique. can't wait to replay - anyone wanna play with me this time?PC
Dragon Age Origins - Ultimate Editionalli really enjoyed this. yes, i romanced alistair. sorry he's cute what can i sayPC
Pillars of Eternityallreally pretty and relaxing game. not very inventive but i did enjoy the worldPC
Pillars of Eternity II Deadfireallanother really pretty game, and this time you have a ship! and - romances! PC
Planescape Torment Enhanced Editionallanother favorite game of all timePC
SimCity 2000allof course. Brendan is really good at it. he might be better than me ;PPC
Stardew ValleysomegottaPC
Ultima VII - The Black Gatesomei had a lot of trouble navigating this game, and emulating itPC
Castlevania - Symphony of the Nightsomei am so bad at these games, but i love themPS4
Dragon Age: Inquisitionallthis was alright. i spent most of my time designing pretty armor. unfortunate that they titled it inquisition. idk, it was relaxing and the story was neatPS4
Final Fantasy VII RemakeallOH YEAH! YEAH!PS4
Final Fantasy X (HD)allthis got my through a particularly difficult time. i loved the sphere grid. tidus is so boringPS4