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Angela's Flood

HD video + interactive web page, 2020-2021

“Angela’s Flood,” is a re-depiction of the center panel of Bosch’s “Garden of Earthly Delights.”

The human, animals and natural actors of the original painting are replaced with sprites from early 90s fighting/arcade video games.

Small enclaves of forests make up their own little ecosystems of desire.

The character of Angela Belti, a muscular woman fighting character from the Power Instinct series (Atlus, for Arcade, 1993), shows off her physique among fantastical trees and gleaming purple gems. The character of Super Kurara, also from the Power Instinct series, rollerblades gently on a cement path decorated with flowering bushes (from Outrun, Sega, 1986) and golden arcade machines (from Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon, Arcade 1995). A third human character, Deliza, from the game Dragon Master (UNiCO Electronics, for Arcade, 1994), performs a handstand on a rock in a green river populated by red coral and strange lizard-like enemies from the game Blade Master (Irem, for Arcade, 1991). 

Commissioned by Colección SOLO as a unique video edition.

Released as a free HTML page soon (2021).

↑ Above ↑ Screenshot of the process of making Angela's Flood.

↓ Below ↓ Towers made from compiling various video game sprites.